Genealogical researchers

Below is the list of genealogical researchers of all Turkki families with contact information divided according to parish name. If you have essential information about any Turkki family (forefathers or living relatives) or you would like to receive any information about your Turkki ancestors, please contact the genealogical researcher most closely linked to your ancestral parish.


Kyösti Turkki

E-mail :

Adress : Nortamonkatu 3 B 40, FI-28100 PORI, FINLAND

Mobile : 0400-591297 (+358-400-591297)


Osmo Turkki

E-mail :

Adress : Leimapojankatu 14, FI-74510 PELTOSALMI, FINLAND

Telefon (home) : 017-820 6171 (+358-17-820 6171)

Mobile : 044-0642704 (+358-44-0642704)


Liisa Wright

E-mail :

Adress : Vanha Turuntie 1153, FI-25240 HAJALA

Telefone (home) : 02-7283369 (+358-2-7283369)

Mobile : 050-5967966 (+358-50-5967966)


Paula Turkki, e-mail :

Veijo Turkki


A) Pentsilä village

Henna Turkki, e-mail :

Tarja Turkki, e-mail :

Leena Varpa, e-mail :

B) Päivilä village

Petri Turkki

E-mail :

Mobile : 046-8463375

The Turkki families of Salmi and Säkkijärvi Parishes are still missing their own genealogical researchers. If you are related to any of these Turkki families, please contact Petri Turkki, e-mail : ,

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